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What's NOT in Pure Selects products? (click on the bars for more info)

Pure Selects concentrates have no water? Well, perhaps a little. Did you know that most of the products you buy are up to 99% water? We don't add water when we create our products. We know that you already have water, so it seems unreasonable that we should add all that water when you can simply add water and shake to activate. You save on shipping because our Ready-To-Dilute (RTD) products are not nearly as heavy!

Pure Selects wants your clothes to be vibrant and clean, but not at the expense of our environment. Optical brighteners make your clothes appear whiter and brighter, but do not clean. Optical brighteners work by “bluing” your clothes so they trick the eye into seeing fabric as whiter and brighter. They are the source of eye irritation and adverse skin reactions for many people while posing a hazard to animals and aquatic life. Some optical brighteners are not readily biodegradable and they stick together to form sludge in bodies of water.

We want our ingredients to enhance the appearance of your fabrics naturally and that is why all Pure Selects are dye free. Dyes are used to enhance the appearance of most retail products. Dyes are often composed of toxic chemicals and heavy metals - some are even carcinogenic. These chemicals pose a threat to both humans and our environment. Dyes in rivers and lakes accumulate and bind together resulting in sludge, killing fish and other aquatic life.

We want your detergent’s cleaning efficiency to be Earth friendly. This is why Pure Selects are phosphate free. Phosphates do improve a detergent’s cleaning efficiency, but they have a potentially serious impact on our environment. All Pure Selects products use equally effective natural alternatives without posing a risk to our planet. High concentrations of phosphates in wastewater from laundry and automatic dishwashers can upset the natural balance of delicate ecosystems. Elevated phosphate levels induce excessive plant growth resulting in decay that decreases oxygen and ultimately harms lakes, streams and impacts wildlife in a process called eutrophication.

Pure Selects wants your dishware to be clean and toxin free. This is why we don’t use nonylphenols. Nonylphenols are nonionic surfactants used as cleaning agents in detergents and other industrial applications. Nonylphenols have an estrogenic effect on humans and have been linked to developmental abnormalities as well as an increase of breast cancer cells. As a result, the use of nonylphenols is under review by the Environmental Protection Agency and is prohibited in the European Union.

Pure Selects wants the air you breathe in your home to be clean and safe. Chlorine is commonly used as a bleaching agent in laundry and automatic dishwashing products. Household cleaners containing chlorine can pose serious health risks, especially if mixed with other cleaners. Since chlorine is the main component of chlorine gas, inhaling fumes can irritate the lungs, cause neurological disorders and even death. This can be particularly dangerous for those with asthma, emphysema, or heart conditions. These risks become more pronounced in poorly ventilated rooms. Chlorine is a highly corrosive material that is capable of damaging skin, eyes, and other membranes upon contact.

Pure Selects wants you to have naturally derived mild alternatives to harsh chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS). SLS/ALS are cleansing agents widely used in personal care products. SLS/ALS can be toxic to organs and has been linked to serious skin and eye irritations.

We want our atmosphere to be clean and free of toxins for generations to come. All Pure Selects are free of volatile organic compounds because of the damaging effects they have on our environment. They can be man-made or naturally occurring and are found in everyday cleaning products and many solvents. These compounds are a major contributor to the formation of ground level ozone in which long term exposure can be harmful to our health. We typically experience ozone as smog or haze. Children and older adults are at greater risk for exposure with symptoms ranging from minor irritations to organ damage and cancer.

Pure Selects wants to enhance your health and beauty naturally. Parabens are preservatives used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to prevent microbial growth and maintain product integrity. Although no direct link between parabens and cancer have been established in scientific research, parabens have been detected in breast cancer tumors. Parabens appear to slightly mimic estrogen, a hormone known to play a role in breast cancer development. There are many natural alternatives so Pure Selects is always free of parabens.

Pure Selects wants you to be naturally free of unnecessary irritants. Diethanolamine (DEA) is commonly used in personal care products and detergents, as a foaming agent. DEA may cause acute symptoms such as irritation of the skin through dermal exposure and irritation of the nose and throat through inhalation. In 2012, DEA was added to California’s “list of chemicals known to cause cancer”. Unfortunately, there is insufficient data available to adequately determine the true long term effects of DEA exposure at this time.

Pure Selects wants your skin to be clean naturally. Triclosan is a common ingredient used to prevent bacterial contaminations. For some consumer products, such as antibacterial hand soap and body washes, not enough evidence has been provided to show that triclosan provides an extra benefit over washing with regular soap and water. Triclosan is known to be toxic to fish and other aquatic animals.

We want you to be allergy free and this is why Pure Selects products don’t contain PABA (para aminobenzoic acid). Some people experience photo-allergic reactions when in contact with PABA. Some reactions include burning, itching, painful blisters, and acne which is why many countries have banned PABA in personal care products. PABA may also be a carcinogenic as some research indicates. We stay free of PABA so all our products are safe, allergy free and benefit you.