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Since 1987, Liquid Soap Products has been manufacturing superior quality hypoallergenic soap products.

Pure Selects™ brand

PURE describes our natural and fragrance free formulas, and SELECTS describes the unique feature that allows for the consumer, if desired, to add the Pure Selects Fragrance of their choice; you choose the fragrance and the fragrance level.

Super Concentrates

Most cleaning and soap products contain a lot of water; some are up to 99% water. Shipping water doesn’t make sense to us. That’s why we offer our liquid products in an easy to dilute, super concentrated formula that helps save your money in shipping costs, and product costs. Now you simply add your own water to the Pure Selects™ concentrate, and shake the bottle.


It Only Makes Good Scents! Indulge your senses with FragranceChoice concentrates. Formulated specifically to work with Pure Selects. Perhaps it’s Lavender in your Glass Cleaner or Dreamy Vanilla in your Foaming Hand Soap—with Pure Selects fragrances the possibilities are endless. You can leave your products fragrance-free or your fragrance selection can change with the seasons. Each bottle contains up to 500 drops. With such highly concentrated fragrances, a few drops is all you need to get the results you desire. This custom approach allows you to select how much fragrance to blend. Whether you enjoy the faint smell of lavender or a full room of flowers, it’s your FragranceChoice!

Factory Direct

By eliminating retail profits, overhead, advertising costs, and middlemen, we can deliver our incredible soap products straight from our facility to your door, at the lowest cost available.

Green Living

Our products are biodegradable, contain no harmful Phosphates, DEA, SLS, ALS, triclosan, parabens, or PABA. We never test on animals. We use plant and mineral-based ingredients. Our reusable dispensers dramatically reduce packaging and plastic waste!


Pure Selects products are made from pure and natural ingredients that are gentle on people, pets, homes, and the environment. Pure Selects has been producing products that work exceptionally well without harsh chemicals for over 25 years.


Home care and personal care products should not contain ingredients with suspected human health risks. They should not be tested on animals. They should use biodegradable ingredients and be packaged in environmentally sustainable packaging. Pure Selects is proud that all of our products meet these standards.


Natural ingredients are often more expensive than the harsh chemicals that are used in similar retail products. This is one reason why Pure Selects products have a higher value then their retail counterparts. Load for load, spray for spray, and wash for wash, you will find that Pure Selects products perform as good as, or better than retail counterparts, but without the associated health and environmental risks – at about the same price. That could explain why people love Pure Selects products.


We have designed our formulas for customization. We do not add fragrances to our formulas because so many of you want them fragrance-free. Many others will customize their fragrance and even the level of fragrance.

...are made with plant-based ingredients.
...are perfect for those with sensitive skin.
...come from biodegradable ingredients that are naturally derived.
...are not tested on animals.
...use environmentally sustainable packaging.
...are made in a carbon neutral facility.

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